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With over 2,000 member organizations that receive and internally circulate the magazine, advertising in Muse ensures that you reach your target market. Our audience includes museum CEOs, directors and associate directors, curators, registrars, exhibition designers, bookstore managers, educators, security directors, retail managers and independent consultants - just to name a few! 


INFORMATION: Advertising contract (with rates) - Muse

Bi-monthly magazine published for museum professionals. Pricing and details can be viewed on the advertising contract form. What are the benefits of advertising in Muse?

Why advertise in Muse Magazine

Our dedicated readership looks to Muse for practical solutions to the challenges that Canadian museums face today, for information on current projects, and to stay connected to industry best practices. Advertising in Muse is a cost-effective way to regularly target your products and services to those that make the purchasing decisions in the Canadian museum industry.

Muse Reaches:
  • Museum CEOs
  • Directors and Associate Directors
  • Curators
  • Registrars
  • Exhibition Designers
  • Bookstore Managers
  • Educators
  • Security Directors
  • Retail Managers
  • Independent Consultants

AND professionals across Canada from art museums, historical sites, science and technology centres, zoos, aquaria, sport halls-of-fame, history museums, botanical gardens, artist run centers, and more.

An ad placement in Muse also signals your support of the CMA and the work of the Canadian museum sector. Check out the advertising rates.

Advertiser Profile

If a coloured 1/3 page ad or larger is placed in 3 issues or more of Muse magazine, the advertiser will receive a complimentary 1/4 page write up at no charge.

Online Ads

INFORMATION: Online Advertising

For $250, purchase an online ad for one month. The CMA site gets an average of 21,500 impressions per month.


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